JavaScript - Currying and Partially Applied Functions

A very simple example of currying and partial applied functions

JavaScript - Sorting an array of objects by a property

How to sort an array of objects by one of the object's properties

JavaScript - Be careful when using instanceof

If you intend to throw an error if an object is not an instanof some class, be careful of this mistake that's easy to make.

JavaScript - Handlebars - Calling a helper function from another helper

And a useful helper for populating select boxes.

JavaScript - Using Handlebars with Backbone and RequireJS and Precompiling templates

Here are 3 different ways of using Handlebars templates with Backbone and RequireJS

JavaScript - Getting Google Maps To Work With RequireJS

This can be a little tricky, hopefully this post will save you some time.

JavaScript - Example Of A Memory Leak

Here's something to watch out for in your code.

JavaScript - Notes From Chrome Developer Course at CodeSchool

I stumbled into this really great course on using the Chrome developer tools. Here are my notes...

JavaScript - How To Copy An Array In Javascript

I bumped into this when I was working on a prototype, and discovered that there's a very easy solution...

JavaScript - RequireJS, Google Maps, and Pathing Issues

I learned a few lessons about getting Google Maps to work with RequireJS, and I learned a few things about paths in Requre.js.

JavaScript - Backbone listenTo()

Some notest on backbone's listenTo() method

JavaScript - Publisher Subscriber Pattern

I've been playing with the pub/sub pattern.

JavaScript - Learning About Dust.js

I've been playing with Backbone.js and I discovered a templating tool called dust.js that looks really promising (these notes are not coherent , yet)

JavaScript - Notes on YUI Doc

Self reminders for using YUI Doc

JavaScript - Using JSON.stringify() on an object that contains cyclical references

I stumbled into this when using Google Maps, you can override object values in the output of JSON.stringify().

JavaScript - What is JSONP?

A quick reminder about how JSONP works.

JavaScript - The main difference between forEach() and map()

While forEach() alters the array that it's called on, map() returns a new array.

JavaScript - When using setTimeout(), setInterval(), or requestAnimationFrame()

Remember that the scope of 'this' will be global when your callback function runs in setTimeout(), setInterval(). or requestAnimationFrame().